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The Nealscape

Design Process

Imagination is only the beginning during the Nealscape design process!  Your input, the site layout, plant selection/placement, and ongoing maintenance are also important components. Your yard needs to be practical to manage, personalized to you, and beautiful to behold!

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Step 1


I take pride in spending time listening to your vision for your outdoor space. The goal of Nealscape is to create a yard that is personalized to you, not the designer. It’s your home, and your yard should reflect it. And the best part is that the initial consult is always free! 

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Step 2


Imagination, practical creation, and collaboration come to play in the next stage! I begin with a detailed site analysis of your yard including measurements, soil samples, and pictures. Next, I will collaborate ideas for your yard with you. Once you approve the conceptual plans, you will receive the final Nealscape plan with a rendered drawing and an itemized plant/material list.

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Step 3


I work with well-seasoned landscapers that can install your design. However, if you already have a landscaper or you are an experienced gardener and can do the installation yourself, no problem! Regardless of your preference, I will work with you to help bring your yard to life.

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Step 4

Follow Up

I appreciate my clients and strive to offer continual support and advice. Once your yard is installed, it takes some level of maintenance to keep it looking its best! Whether you need recommendations for an on-going landscaping maintenance service, plant help, or just have questions along the way, I am here to assist you!

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